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Get an Online or On-Site ADHD Assessment 

Wisconsin ADHD offers comprehensive assessments in the comfort of your own home or in person in an office in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, Mequon, or Racine. You will be assigned an experienced professional ADHD psychiatric provider to assess your symptoms and provide you with a thorough diagnosis. We are knowledgeable about the latest research and treatments for ADHD, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best advice and support. 

In-Person Assessments

Detect Co-Morbid Conditions

Diagnosis Provided

Online Assessments

Awareness of Neurodivergence & Neuropsychological factors

Testing for Adults, Teens, and Kids

De-Identified (for privacy) Client Testimonial

"I appreciate that I was able to get a faster than anticipated appointment. Other places told me a six month wait. I was able to get an ADHD evaluation in two days."
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